How to Use this Book

Painted Prayers is laid out as a daily prayer and devotional book to be used in your daily time with God. There are thirty-one prayers, one for each day of a month.

Each day you will interact with God using a child’s painted prayer. The prayers are accompanied by a short paragraph about the artist, the things he or she enjoys, and a short explanation of the prayer. While there is a specific prayer point and focus each day, you are encouraged to also pray for the artists as you reflect upon the explanation of their painted prayer.

Each painted prayer is paired with a specific verse or section of Scripture for you to read and prayerfully reflect upon in light of the painted prayer. Prayer prompts are included to assist you in your prayers along with questions for you to consider in your time with God. Additionally, a prayer for each day is included that corresponds with the devotional content and painted prayer.

One of the goals of this book is to create focused, intentional prayer for the sake of others. Thus, Painted Prayers seeks to get you thinking about others when you pray. Keep in mind, other people are joining with you in praying these prayers and focusing their prayers on the same theme and reflections each day.

May God’s glory be revealed in lives and communities in response to our focused, intentional prayer for the sake of others. May God transform hearts and lives through the prayers of his children, and may God shape you to be an agent of his transformation in the places He leads you.